Dr. Voor has extensive experience working in the courts and legal system. She has served as an expert witness for many years providing depositions, video depositions, and courtroom testimony. Evaluations include examination of the credibility of the client and determination whether or not an individual is exaggerating symptoms or malingering.

Dr. Voor communicates effectively to clients, attorneys, and to the Court in easily understood terminology rather than professional jargon. Importantly, because it is often critical in a legal setting, Dr. Voor produces reports in a timely manner.  

Neuropsychological Services

For issues including brain dysfunction, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dr. Voor is available to perform a record review, Neuropsychological Evaluation, Independent Medical Examination (IME), and case consultation for both plaintiffs’ and defense attorneys.

Family Law

In issues surrounding divorce, Dr. Voor performs Child Custody Evaluations and Issue-Focused Assessments for the Court, ensuring she provides recommendations in the best interest of the children. She also serves in the role of Co-Parenting Therapist and Parenting Coordinator in high conflict cases.

Criminal Cases

Dr. Voor provides evaluations within the criminal justice system. She works with the Public Defender’s Office in assessing incarcerated individuals, and examines the effects of their psychosocial history on psychological functioning and behavior.  Dr. Voor also offers diagnostic conclusions and opinions regarding potential for rehabilitation.

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