As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Voor provides a wide array of services including assessment, diagnosis, consultation, and treatment. In addition to over 20 years of practical experience, Dr. Voor is trained in biological, social, cognitive, and affective bases of behavior, as well as individual differences, statistics, and research methodology. She has expertise in the areas of personality, human development, psychopathology, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.

There are a number of methods employed in assessment including interview, systematic observation, and psychometric testing of the client and the client’s significant other(s). Dr. Voor assesses an individual’s development, behavior, intellect, interests, personality, cognitive processes, emotional functioning, and social functioning.  By utilizing such comprehensive psychological assessment methods, Dr. Voor makes functional diagnoses regarding intelligence; cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral functioning; as well as psychological disorders. Diagnoses may be made formally, using widely accepted criteria (i.e., The American Psychological Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), or informally, such as assessing family dynamics.

Dr. Voor develops and maintains functional therapeutic relationships with clients. A primary goal of intervention is to empower individuals to make adaptive choices and gain healthy control of their own lives. In order to accomplish this, she conceptualizes the problem, formulates a treatment plan, communicates the plan to the client or family, and continues to modify treatment strategies based on effectiveness.

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