Shannon S. Voor, Ph.D. has over 20 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, children, and families. She provides comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological services as well as expert consultation in family law matters throughout Kentucky and Indiana.

Dr. Voor not only conducts comprehensive evaluations of individuals and families, but she also utilizes assessment results to educate her clients about their condition with details of their strengths and vulnerabilities. She works with individuals and families to develop recommendations and techniques to assist in achieving the highest quality of life possible.

Dr. Voor is preeminently qualified, with over two decades of work behind her. But what makes Dr. Voor exceptional — and a pleasure to work with — is a combination of refreshing qualities:

Dr. Voor is “normal”! She’s down to earth, and she knows how to have easy, informal conversations with clients, peers, and colleagues.

Dr. Voor does her own testing and report-writing. Unlike many of her peers, she doesn’t farm this important component of her work out to others. She believes it deepens her understanding of the case and allows her the opportunity to spend more time interacting and observing.

Many psychologists prefer not to testify in court, and those who do often give ambivalent testimony. Dr. Voor, however, has great experience in court and has developed a decisive, definitive, and authoritative style, which consistently results in effective testimony.

Last, Dr. Voor is efficient and disciplined in her practice, and turns reports around quickly.


Dr. Voor excels in three fields: PsychologyNeuropsychology, and Legal Consultation.

To each of these specialized areas, Dr. Voor brings a wealth of experience, insight, and capability. Renowned as a clear communicator and very organized practitioner, she works one-on-one with patients and clients to work toward recommendations, techniques, and sustainable practices that contribute to high qualities of life in work, education, and personal relationships.

Many comment on how easy it is to work with Dr. Voor  and many also remark on the clear and definitive strength of her reports — which is of critical importance when she works within the court and legal system.


In order to make your meetings with Dr. Voor as productive and helpful as possible, all the forms you’ll need before and during the working relationship are available on the site. They’re set up as PDFs, which you’ll want to download and print out. Obviously, if you’d prefer to fill them out with Dr. Voor in her office or don’t have access to a printer, both those options are available.